Movers & Shakers Affecting the World in Major Ways

Mother's Day

The most profound legacies are often the plain truth.

Bank Runs, 2023

Bank runs are like a crack of thunder. Unless of course they come too close together.

International Women's Day

Virtue signaling is a voice. Sweat equity a choice.

Age of Retaliation

Freedom brigade or royal crusade? Weighing the difference in Sussex.

A Noble Few

The 2022 Nobel Prize points to life & living in a parallel universe.

Columbus Day Conundrum

Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples' Day? Can both be the American Way?

The Fed's Reserve

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was a scholar of the Great Depression, but his high school teacher lived through and learned from it.

Sins of the Fathers

Can a Pope atone for the genocide of the Indigenous Peoples? That answer lies somewhere in a penitential journey across Canada.

Victorious Angels

Supermodels take on the Elite Model Agency and sexual harassment in Paris.

#Home to Vote

While the U.S. Supreme Court scuttles abortion, Ireland reverses their ban in an historic referendum.

Marriage Equality Test

Edith Windsor took on the United States and won. Judge HEATHER FERGUSON explains why SCOTUS yields to Marriage Equality.

Beyond Contempt

Princess Diana was stalked and killed by the UK press. Peter Jukes chronicles the Leveson Inquiry, and the culture and ethics of the British Press in "Beyond Contempt."

Puttin' on the Ritz

César Ritz was the "King of Hoteliers, Hotelier of Kings." Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL chats with the Ritz-Carlton's Hotel Comapny's founder about the new era of hospitality.

The All American

Gay Mormons created a community called Affirmation. Contributor CARY CRALL heads to Salt Lake City for their world conference and chats with keynote speaker: NFL Hall of Famer—Steve Young.

The Men Who Built America

He created the H-Beam and skyscrapper. Contributor BRENDA WENSIL chats with John Keabler about his portrayal of steel magnate Charles M. Schwab and the modern U.S. Labor Force.

The Glass Ceiling

A record 53 women were crowned CEO's at Fortune 500 companies in 2023. Contributor KELLY HYNES charts her journey from pariah to partner at EY, and transcends the proverbial glass ceiling of corporate America.

The Gospel of Wealth

No man becomes rich unless he enriches others. Contributor BRENDA WENSIL talks with Adam Segaller about his portrayal of Andrew Carnegie in "The Men Who Built America."

In the Eye of the Storm

He was the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church. Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL investigates his alliance with The Center for American Progress.

Rugby's Anti-Bully

He won the World Cup and was knighted by the Queen. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS chats with England National Rugby's Ben Cohen in London about the Standup Foundation.

Breaking the Surface

The only man to win consecutive olympic diving titles, Editor-in-Chief DREW GOWING chats with Gold Medal Olympian Greg Louganis about "Breaking the Surface."

Break Through

From the death of enviornmentalism to the politics of possilbity, contributor DYLAN SMITH chats with Michael Shellenberger about the fallacy of environmental politics and the future of a sustainable economy.

The Morning They Came For Us

Newsweek's Janine di Giovanni arrived in Damascus at the onset of Syria's Civil War. Contributor DYLAN SMITH chats with the war correspondent about the conflict, casualties and Syrian Refugee Crisis in "The Morning They Came For Us."

Waiting For Snow in Havanna

It’s the largest exodus of unaccompanied minors in history. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS talks with Yale Professor Carlos Eire about the Cuban Revolution and Operation Peter Pan.


Its was a political cautionary tale for COVID-19. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS talks with David Quammen about a global pandemic's origins and end game in "Ebola: The Natural and Human History of a Deadly Virus."

An Indigenous Peoples'

It is the largest extermination of an indigenous people in history. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS sits down with historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz to discuss the Removal Act, forced mass migragation, and the genocide of the Native American Indian.

King Tut's Tomb

She bankrolled the greatest archaeological discovery of all time. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS chats with Countess Fiona Carnarvon about the 'Real Downton Abbey.'

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