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Coming of Age

At 81, Pinup Girl Martha Stewart is stirring perceptions about Age Bias.

Memorial Day (Two Ways)

Many lay claim to the blue and grey, but it's black and white at the end of the day.

Wrath of the Gods

Man courts physical disaster, the natural world complies.

Hot Spot Police

The best way to predict a crime is to create it.

The Marriage Act

Have your cake and eat it too but mindful of saying “I do.”

Gun Fight

School shootings aren't the problem. They’re a consequence and foregone conclusion of a problem.

The Equality Act

American patrons & public accommodations proffer a final Right of Reply.

Midlife Crisis

Science may explain the midlife pandemonium for those rearing Middle Age.

The Bully Pulpit

Free Speech / Hate Speech can sound pretty similar, but the difference is pretty profound.

Class Warfare

The distinctions seperating the social classes are false. In the end, they all rest on force.

Morther Nature & Covid-19

Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill. Psychotherapist MELISSA ST. JEAN remembers why self introspection was nature's call to us all.

Date Bait

Hollywood's search for the truth and nature of love.

The Center Street

Technology innovation and creative destruction can't destroy whats best on Center Street.

The Garden of Good & Evil

The march to the grave yields to the left or chooses the right.

French Revolution

When a French King pushed etiquette rules at the Palace of Versailles he confused substance with style.

Pandemic Fatigue

Instead of an all-or-nothing approach to risk prevention, the gay community took on their own pandemic and proceeded with some simple straightforward salvo.

Empty Nest Syndrome

The Empty Nest Syndrome is not a condition. It’s a phenomenon.

American Dreamers

When the U.S. Department of Homeland Security tried to expel one million international college students, the U.S. Supreme Court intervened on behalf of the American Dream.

The Alchemy of Covid-19

The United States is the global epicenter of Covid-19. DR. DAVID ST. JEAN examines the case for Functional Medicine, and the seemingly magical collaboration between man and the natural world.

Abercrombie & Fitch: Always Evolving

The retailer stalked men, women, teens and kids over the past century. Former A&F model BROOKE GOODMAN explains why their online customer will be the most elusive catch of all.

Ground Zero & Covid-19

Nursing Homes were the first stop for the Coronavirus, and have become veritable hot spots in America. Charlatan observes how Generation Z and the elderly were destined to meet on the front lines of Covid-19.

Black Swan Effect

The Black Swan effect describes an event that comes as a surprise & has a major effect. Contributor BROOKE GOODMAN observes how the Millennials are confronting Covid-19.

A Place to Call Home

In the wake of California’s Proposition 8, Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL encounters the ostensibly different outcasts and dissidents of society and discovers the importance of a path to renewal for she and her children.

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All the World's a Stage

Make sense of the week's news. Charlatan reviews the world's show & message.

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