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Angela Gala

Angela Gala has been a columinst and chum to Charlatan Magazine since 2009.

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Angela Gala

A founding member of TEDx Charlotte, Angela Gala received a BS in Marketing from the University of Louisville and combined it with her life’s work in Public Advocacy.

Rogers and Gala Creative Partners, a production and design firm, manages events that promote and celebrate community. The Quasimodo Project, in particular, was a collaborative initiative for Arts and Culture during the Democratic National Convention, and she’s been an advisor and advocate to Studio 345, SAFE Alliance, and the nonprofit Centers for Arts & Technology.

Gala believes education yields self-mastery. It is through meditation, in particular, that children, teachers and parents can connect, and create an enlightened community. She’s taught “Laughter Yoga” and “Mindfulness Meditation” to major corporations, non-profits organizations, universities and schools, and her passion for public education led her to co-founding Youth Meditation: a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth, teachers and parents with practical knowledge and effective tools for managing stress, anxiety and emotions as they navigate through adolescence.

Gala believes that knowing others is wisdom, but knowing oneself is enlightenment. She joined Charlatan Magazine in 2009 and is proud to have pioneered and pen a recurring column: You’ve Got Mail: Letters to Our Statesmen & Luminaries.

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Articles by Angela Gala

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Swann's Way

Marcel Proust coined the term “Involuntary Memory” and believed our “secrets are the essence of the past.” Contributor ANGELA GALA examines Swann’s Way and learns how Déjà Vu liberates the subconscious mind in “The Search of Lost Time.”


Composed during World War I, Hermann Hesse’s SIDDHARTHA reconciles Friedrich Nietzsche and Arthur Schopenhauer’s Germany. Contributor ANGELA GALA considers their opposite world views of human existence.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Prague Spring brought mass protests to Czech society. Contributor ANGELA GALA disappears into the socialist republic and discovers that each person has one life to live.

The Puppet

It chronicles the rise and demise of a Saharan oasis community. Contributor ANGELA GALA reacts to Ibrahim Al-Koni’s masterpiece and the inevitable disruption & desolation to normal life.

The Man Who Would Be King

This short story of deceptions led the youngest author in history to a Nobel Peace Prize in literature. Contributor ANGELA GALA critiques the author's conclusions about manhood.

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All the World's a Stage

Make sense of the week's news. Charlatan reviews the world's show & message.

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